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Marfan Healthy Lifestyle

Marfan Healthy Lifestyle

The hardships are at its extreme when living with a genetic disorder. We all know that there is no cure for the Marfan syndrome, the treatment and recommended lifestyle will depend on the body parts that are affected and to what degree the Marfan syndrome has affected the person. Regularly monitor the condition, choose the recommended treatment options suitable for you, and change your lifestyle.

Exercises can reduce the risk of complications and enhance the muscle tone. Although there may be changes because of the affected body parts:

  • Contact sports are not allowed anymore
  • Isometric exercises are recommended
  • Gentle and moderate exercises

A consultation with the physician is a must to be informed about the condition, the particular lifestyle changes, and the advisable exercise to avoid giving stress to the body.

Nonetheless, mental health is also a critical aspect. It is not easy to live a life with a faulty gene, you can be a carrier or you can be suffering from the disorder. Emotional support and distressing activities should be provided by the family, friends and medical professionals to the people living with MarfanSyndrome.

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